Deaf Canadian Doctor is the First of Her Kind

Dr. Audrey Lessard had a dream for her life that began when she was very young–she wanted to be a doctor. Becoming a doctor is a very difficult goal for anyone to attain. Being deaf made it that much harder for Dr. Lessard.

Dr. Lessard’s parents discovered that she was deaf when she was an infant. Her parents made a decision to provide her with an excellent education. Dr. Lessard is grateful today that her parents “really encouraged her to speechread and learn to speak.”

Not everyone encouraged Dr. Lessard’s dream of becoming a doctor–some people even told her it would be “impossible” for her.

Dr. Lessard’s dream of becoming a doctor was not looked on favorably by everyone. According to Dr. Lessard, some people told her that becoming a doctor would be “impossible” for her due to her inability to hear. She didn’t let negative people discourage her.

Dr. Audrey Lessard committed herself to her dream and eventually became Canada’s first deaf doctor of podiatry.

Dr. Lessard exemplified an overcoming spirt when she decided to pursue her dream of practicing medicine despite the fact that others were less than enthusiastic. But Dr. Lessard’s time in school was not easy. “During my four years at university, I had 8 interpreters. It was quite a challenge.”

Today, Dr. Lessard has reached her goal of becoming a doctor. She has been writing a book for the past several years about the hardships she’s faced in her life. The amazing thing about Dr. Lessard is that she overcame the difficulties she faced in her life.

Dr. Lessard enjoys communicating with her patients.

What is communication like between Dr. Lessard and her patients? In her own words, “In my everyday life, I can communicate well without an interpreter. What I love is that, for other people to able to communicate with me, they have no choice but to look me in the eye, as I do them.”

Canada’s Dr. Audrey Lessard truly embodies the overcoming spirit.

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Can you imagine the difficulties Dr. Lessard must have encountered as she attended medical school? Can you see the overcoming spirit in her? Does it inspire you?



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