Hope for Those Who Have Multiple Sclerosis

5783321374 7f6b3e2b4d m Hope for Those Who Have Multiple SclerosisI was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 5 years ago at age 60. This is apparently quite unusual, as it typically attacks at a much younger age, and largely females. In any case, mine is primary progressive type M.S. This means that it is a slow, slippery slope.

I deal with my Multiple Sclerosis by keeping a positive attitude.

My physical dilemma is the loss of my legs for any serious walking or balance. My main goal is to slow down the inevitable progression of the disease. In this respect, my honourable neurologist informed me that there is not any prescription medication that can help me in any way.

I rose to the challenge of conquering my M.S. With the wonderful assistance of my spouse, I have devised a regimen of natural remedies that includes many vitamins, including injectable Vitamin B. I also take Omega 3 and a huge list of other natural compounds that are too numerous to name at this time.

The result of my regimen is that I feel very healthy — I am SO fortunate to be able to continue to do the things that I used to do.

I am most fortunate that my upper body is still 100% working. I believe this is due to constant use and exercise, the natural remedies previously mentioned, and the care provided to me by my loving wife of 42 years.

I am a professional musician, vocalist, M.C., piano technician, and music teacher. All of these vocations I am able to continue. I believe this has allowed me to continue living a healthy and productive life.

I feel that you must have a purpose. You must get up, get dressed (with assistance), and get going. This is imperative.

If you just sit around feeling sorry for yourself, you are doomed to fail. Whatever your talent, you must find it and nurture it. It may not be anything huge, but it’s yours. Go for it. Communicate with others.

The next most important aspect of success is to BE HAPPY.

Sounds trivial, but it isn’t. If you’re not happy with something, change it. Streamline, alter, modify, or remove it. Don’t be miserable or grouchy. That doesn’t help anything or anybody, especially yourself.

Finally, you must have a faithful friend or partner who is both willing and able to help you succeed.

Put pride aside.You can’t do it by yourself. Those days are over. My wife went back to school and successfully completed a P.S.W. course so that she would be able to help me in all aspects of my daily life. What a Blessing! I am a lucky, grateful person.

Don’t grieve about not being able to do things or having to give up things (like driving). Get on with the things you can do and enjoy them. Life is too short to sit around and mope. My passion is music and it is a wonderful help to me and you. It can soothe relax and inspire us all. Try it. Anything is possible.

Remember, you have Multiple Sclerosis — it doesn’t have you!

I hope this little dialogue helps you. We all have challenges, but we can overcome them. Waking up in the morning is 90% of the day. The other 10% is just detail. Have faith be positive!

– God Bless, P.B.

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    This blog post is such an inspiration!


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