Boy Born without an Arm Receives Mercedes Parts at 14

Mercedes Logo Boy Born without an Arm Receives Mercedes Parts at 14What most of us take for granted, the ability to perform millions of tasks with both of hands, making use of complex finger movement, gripping, and flexibility, Matthew has struggled with.  For a boy interested in mechanics and science experiments this disability must have been frustrating.

Matthew James is fourteen years old.  He was born without his left arm.  For most of his life he has had a prosthetic arm that operated much like a clamp, allowing him minimal function.

When Matthew heard about a new bionic arm, he was intrigued.  However, he also knew he would not be able to afford the new bionic technology.  So, what did he do?  Well, this Mercedes F1 fan wrote to the car company requesting help.

In his proposal Matthew James said that if Mercedes would help fun his new bionic arm he would repay them by advertising for their company.  Mercedes, Matthew said, could put their logo on his new arm!

Instead of sweeping this courageous, and as some are calling it- cheeky, request under the rug, Mercedes decided to take Matthew James up on his offer.  Matthew now has a new bionic arm courtesy of Mercedes and yes, he is sporting the car company’s logo.

Matthew’s bionic hand is see-through, allowing this mechanically minded youth to see how the motors in his fingers work.  Never having had the option to use his left hand, Matthew can now pick up a ball, hold a cup, and even use a pencil with his this hand.

The new bionic technology allows Matthew to do much more than he could with his old prosthetic arm.  Now Matthew will be able to do all the things he’s struggled with before such as playing sports and working on science experiments.   For this fourteen year old, the world is now at his bionic fingertips and the possibilities seem endless.


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