Best Representation of Visible Disabilities on Television

While most shows aim for some kind of diversity of cast, few strive to include diversity of ability alongside other types of diversity. This means that few shows actively work on getting visibly disabled characters onto the show so few … Continue reading

The Parapan Am Games: Where the Disabled Show Their Abilities.

The Pan American Games are currently being held in Toronto, Ontario but it’s the Parapan American (Parapan Am) Games where people with disabilities are able to focus on their abilities. This is the 5th Parapan Am Games and, according to … Continue reading

Mental Self-Care Is as Important as Physical Self-Care

As we near International Self-Care Day on July 24th, it’s worth remembering that self-care   isn’t just about the body, but it’s about the brain and mind too. In fact, mental self-care is as important as physical self-care. Mental Health … Continue reading

Ableism and Having a Disability

In Canada, we are fortunate that, in many circumstances, disabilities are taken into consideration. Having brail in an elevator or a wheelchair ramp up to a building are just two things that many of us take for granted. But what … Continue reading