Epilepsy and Seizures in Women

Seizures and epilepsy are slightly less common in women than they are in men. About 41 women per 100,000 have epilepsy while 49 men per 100,000 have epilepsy. That said, the risk of recurrent seizures and that of ultimate remission … Continue reading

Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Real?

There is a prevalent stigma against those with chronic fatigue syndrome, even to the point where some people wonder, is chronic fatigue syndrome even real? If you think that chronic fatigue syndrome is just someone who is tired and being … Continue reading

The Best Support Forums for People with Disabilities.

If you have a disability, there are many ways to receive support. In person support from friends and family or healthcare providers are typical ways people with disabilities find support. But, for some, in person support isn’t accessible due to … Continue reading

Fostering A Positive Environment For Children With Disabilities

How have you created a positive environment for your child with disabilities? Does your child’s school environment breed success? Why or why not?   As a parent of a child with disabilities, we know that you are interested in creating … Continue reading