International Left-Handers Day – An Advantage or Disability?

What do scissors, can-openers, pens, and rulers all have in common? They were all designed for right-handed people, of course. And that’s not surprising as only 13% of the popular are left-handed. So why does left-handedness only occur in about … Continue reading

International Youth Day – Engaging Youth in Society.

Youth have the creativity, drive, potential, and capacity to make change happen and this is what International Youth Day celebrates. International Youth Day will be taking place on August 12, 2015 and it aims to engage youth in discussions about … Continue reading

Bring Home a Piece of the Pan American Games in Auction

Canada took home an amazing 217 medals on home soil from the Pan American Games and now you have a chance to take home a part of the Pan American Games through an auction of everything from the furniture and … Continue reading

Best Representation of Visible Disabilities on Television

While most shows aim for some kind of diversity of cast, few strive to include diversity of ability alongside other types of diversity. This means that few shows actively work on getting visibly disabled characters onto the show so few … Continue reading